The festival is over for this year - thank you so much for all your support!

You can enjoy watching a re-run of the main stage and family stage every day from 3pm

Session 1 (3pm)

Welcome from Mark Dennison

Fab Four


Vince Eager

Evie Mason

Jimmy Willan


Session 2 (3.45pm)

The Shots

Lowri Ffion

Session 3 (4.20pm)

Torkard Ensemble 

Leanne Fotheringham

Session 4 (4.55pm)

Olivia Mae Booth

Gin Sing


Session 5 (5.30pm)

Chloe Dring

Simon Taylor

Session 6 (6.20pm)

Bria Buxton

Holly Fallon

Jon Prendergast

Dayton Gray

Lily Ayers

Hunter Reece

Session 7 (7.10pm)

Paul Tabor

The Lapsed


Session 8 (7.35pm)

Brad Matthews


Zoe Hearn

Session 9 (8.25pm)

Owen Brindley

Matty Haynes

Session 10 (8.45pm)

Richie Muir

Miss Bowie and The New Killer Star

1st Galaxy 2019 Riverside Fireworks Finale